To be or not to be…”

William Shakespeare


The famous Shakespeare soliloquy is a reflection upon a fundamental principle of theater.

Acting is the art of being.


In life we are all called to act a role, a particular function in the dramatic argument of our life or that of others. Our effectiveness will depend in our ability to “act”. But in contrast with popular notion, acting does not mean to be false, but real. It means to attain the authenticity of being, with grace and clarity, with determination and meaning.


Acting goes beyond mere performance. It sometimes evokes a transcendent response, emotional, cognitive, spiritual in the spectator


The idea behind Teatro Nuestro is to enable young people to develop this ability. Through the study and practice of theater craft and technique, improvisation, movement and voice, gestural language and group dynamics it is possible to obtain a high degree of fidelity and truth, not only on the stage but on everyday life as well.


Our work is focused on:



  • Developing the ability, through the optimal execution of gestural language to harness the power of the body to deliver our thoughts, feelings and ideas.
  • Developing consciousness and self-control incorporating art in our daily experience.
  • Facilitating our expression so that we say what we mean and we mean what we say, aligning our words with our feelings and intentions.
  • Understanding and building our character- those aspects of our personality that determine our individuality.


From shadow-theater to electronic theater, we build fascinating exploratory subjects, creatively investigating theater as a means to evolve compositional and acting techniques, scene and costume design, mask and prop creation, lighting and special effects.


Our work allows for the integral development of the young person from a multicultural perspective, emphasizing the ability to face unexpected situations with agility, firmness and in cooperation with the rest of the team. This aspect of responsibility and discipline is fundamental to the work of Teatro Nuestro.