The workshop is intended for those who wish to experience the thrill and responsibility of producing staging and performing at a major theater festival. They must commit to an intense rehearsal and production schedule and be willing to take risks and think outside of the box.

We will present three short original plays by Lorena Paola; “The Creator”, “The Wedding” and “Underground” (about 20 min each) that comprise the one hour program titled “Workshop of Dreams”.

These pieces are of medium technical difficulty and comprise masked performance, puppet manipulation and physical “movement theater”, with no spoken word (other than gibberish).

The workshop will include training in movement, mask work, puppet manipulation, set and prop design and construction as well as lighting and sound design specific for the pieces to be presented.

We believe the intense nature of the workshop and the high degree of responsibility coupled with strict deadlines gives the participant a true experience of what theatrical life in the real world can be. Performing in a very different social and economic environment, alongside theater groups from different parts of the world will greatly broaden their perspective as to their chosen career.