Arturo Sinclair, is an award winning film and theater Director, recipient of the Golden Hugo Award at Chicago’s International Film Festival and winner of over 10 Clio awards for his commercial cinematography. He has been Creative Director at R/GA New York.

Arturo is well known in professional circles, having organized large international exhibitions like “El Amor/La Muerte” for the Kulturreferat in Munich, which included live performance and virtual simultaneous participation of artists from different countries.

His personal work was chosen by the Berlin Museum as the frontispiece for “The Works of Man” exhibition which toured Europe in 1998.

His work includes the design of the virtual reality environment for Paramount’s production “Virtuosity”, starring Denzel Washington and Rusell Crowe.

He currently teaches Digital Production at UF and collaborates in research and experimentation on the convergence of theater and fine arts with advanced computer science and virtual performance technologies with the Digital Worlds Institute.


Lorena Paola is a multifaceted artist, working in theater as an actress-director-playwright-choreographer.

She is also a sculptor and a glass artist, costume and mask designer, model maker and is involved in every facet of production for her theater company “TeatroNuestro” of which she is President.

Lorena studied acting at “Facetas” in her native Chile, Photography in Munich, Germany, Music Theater and Dance at “Steps” in New York and Jazz at Broadway Dance Center.

Lorena was Drama Instructor for the Hispanic Cultural Heritage Center in Miami and acting instructor at New World School of the Arts.

As a playwright her work has been performed in Pappenheim, Germany, at Florida International University in Miami as well as at the Digital Worlds Institute where she wrote, choreographed and acted in an international collaborative piece with Chile.

Her new piece “Workshop of Dreams” will be performed as part of the International Theater Festival in Puerto Montt, Chile in July 2004.