In a mysterious and somber workshop, full of strange instruments and tools which seem to be but shadows of a twisted mind, an inventor towering above the clouds of his imagination is busily at work.

Trying to extract life from a set of boxes he tries all kinds of tricks and combinations which produce unexpected results.

Finally  he is able to give birth to three disarticulated selves which mirror his own frantic movements and try hard to get away from his control without much success.




In a humble little town where the devil lost his poncho, the local priest is holding an odd wedding. The very special bride and groom are about to get not quite what they wished for.

After the wedding, the obligatory party gets under way at the bride's house. As every bottle is emptied, neurons and social boundaries dissolve into a merry chaos.

Then comes the honeymoon where the newlyweds will have a taste of what is to
come. The setting is the best hotel in town that is just waiting to crumble down under the weight of carelessness.

After the night has exhausted its cover the waiter enters, bringing an unforgettable breakfast that will wake them up to their bizarre reality.



In a derelict subway station a group of old characters escaped from a surreal dream wait for the train that will take them to their destiny.

An old and feeble man, barely able to walk shakes visibly and hangs on to his cane as if it was his lifeline. His wife, an old woman pretending to be a "Lolita" keeps her purse tucked under her arm afraid of the world as she prods her husband along.

A stale hippie, stuck on the 60's with "brain dialing busy" looks in vain for peace and love all around, while a lady, still in nightgown and rollers tries to hit on him, afraid of remaining a spinster forever.

Enter an old houseboy, boombox in shoulder strutting to the rhythm of an inner music. This rhythm slowly spreads through their dreamworld triggering a chain reaction that slowly infects the group. They are magically transported on a fast track to their youth where feebleness and wrinkles fade and bones and muscles shake their fatigued shells to the point of bursting.

The unintelligible voice of the announcer brings them back to reality and they are swept away by the train with their frozen faces looking blindly through the window.

(c) 2004 Teatro Nuestro